Saturday, July 9, 2016

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Philip Luckey Technical Director for Sewanee Radio Show

Several years ago, Philip Luckey was asked by his employer at the time what they should put on his business card as an appropriate title. His first answer was “Story-teller and problem-solver.” His second answer was “Communication Generalist.” Though neither choice ended up on the small paper rectangle for that business, ultimately he still sees himself defined in both answers. He enjoys a good story — and living most of his life in Chattanooga, he's encountered so many interesting tales. 

Philip's professional life has been involved with creating videos on the local, regional, and national scene, whether for public television as a director and editor at WTCI or for clients while an editor at Atomic Films (as well as Creative Resources) — and much of video production is the art of solving problems. Earlier this year, Philip directed the video production of TEDxChattanooga.

Currently he's a professional freelance video editor, an adjunct instructor at Chattanooga State, a board member of OperaTennessee, a member of Sewanee Eclectic, and involved in his Community Communication Project (— still trying to communicate as much as possible. 

As the Technical Director for the Sewanee Radio Show, Philip directs lighting, video, and graphic design. The Sewanee Radio Show is a special on-the-road production of River City Sessions, a monthly radio show broadcast on WUTC 88.1 FM taking place at the Sewanee Union Theater on Saturday, July 9, 2016. The show features local Sewanee musicians, writers, and performers, as well as the host of River City Sessions, Michael Gray. You can buy tickets online now, or cash at the door.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Michael Gray of River City Sessions presents the Sewanee Radio Show

Michael D. Gray will serve as Master of Ceremonies at the Sewanee Radio Show this Saturday. Author, musician, and humorist, Gray first performed as a spoken word artist in 1984, presenting an original piece at the Knoxville Barbeque Contest. A year later he was invited to perform at Memphis in May International Festival. He has appeared at The Camp House, Wide Open Floor, the Chattanooga Writer’s Guild, the Mountain Festival, Audubon Acres, the Little Owl Festival, Ketner’s Mill Fair and on the air with WUTC. Gray’s works include the book Life; Through a Child’s Eyes and a collection of short stories and essays appearing in such publications as Trout Unlimited, Land of Waterfalls, Chattanooga Parent, and Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Five years ago, Gray began a production called Wordfest.  It soon evolved into a monthly radio production called River City Sessions and included storytelling, songs, and poetry. The show went on the road last summer with a session at Roan Mountain State Park, followed by a show last month at Lula Lake on Lookout Mountain. “You might say we’re trying to escape the downtown heat of the summer,” Gray laughs. Gray’s Sewanee connections include being a mentor for Education for Ministry (EfM), and multiple relationships with local performers and writers.  He says he has wanted to record a radio show in Sewanee for years. “With the School of Letters, the Summer Writers’ Conference, and the Sewanee Summer Music Festival all presented here, Sewanee is a natural fit for our format.” You can buy tickets online now, or cash at the door.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Linda Heck Chamber Trio on the Sewanee Radio Show

Linda Heck – performing original selections from her soon-to-be-released album Experimental Connections In the Memphis. She will be accompanied by seminarian violist Tom Adamson and cellist Barbara Carden in a groundbreaking chamber rock trio. Heck is an accomplished artist with many credits. Her 2012 album Transformed is available on iTunes.

Don't miss this special, one-time performance! You can buy tickets online now, or cash at the door.

See Thomas Macfie at the SUT!

Thomas Macfie – poet and percussionist, who recently used one of his adroit drumming moves to avoid being crushed by a semi. Thomas, who grew up on the mountain, continues to be drawn back to Sewanee from such diverse environments as Montana and New York City.

Thomas will be joining a cadre of other spoken word artists and two musical acts -- Linda Heck with her Chamber Trio (if you have never heard chamber rock, you'd better check this out), and singer/songwriter John Michael Hurt.

 Don't miss this special, one-time performance! You can buy tickets online now, or cash at the door.

See Mindy Melton at the SUT! One show only!

Mindy Melton - has been performing the seemingly easy, but sometimes difficult task of humaning since arriving on this plane in Sewanee in 1976. During this time she has experienced numerous successes, her failures being exponentially more. Having spent most of her life living in various locations of the surrounding area, she dropped out of Sewanee in 1994, eventually leaving the mountain for a five year hiatus in the St. Pete Beach area of Florida. Having held many various positions, including that of mother and servant, she has been the sole proprietor of the frame shop on the corner for the past eight years where she relishes in her placement within the community and her freedom to freely write of her experiences. You can buy tickets online now, or cash at the door.

Jeannie Babb performing at the SUT this Saturday!

Appearing July 9th Jeannie Babb - moved to Sewanee from Ringgold, Georgia, in 2010 to delve more deeply into theology and writing. She holds two degrees from the School of Theology, where her articles are regularly featured in magazine and online publications.

Jeannie writes for the Godly Play Foundation, directs Christian formation at Otey Memorial Parish, and still drives to Ringgold at least once a week to help sell lumber at the family business. Her photography has been published by Gastronomica and Garden & Gun. Jeannie’s passion is exploring theological questions through writing, especially poetry. She is known for the dynamic performance of her original work.

On Saturday, July 9th, Jeannie will join other poets and storytellers at the historic Sewanee Union Theater, along with the Linda Heck Chamber Trio and singer/songwriter John Michael Hurt. Don't miss this special, one-time performance! You can buy tickets online now, or cash at the door.

Peter Trenchi at the Sewanee Union Theater this Saturday

Pete Trenchi - lives off the grid where he houses the Roark’s Cove / Alto version of Sewanee angels in a monument of Fiats that predate the end of the Vietnam War.
One such angel intervened recently when Pete and fellow poets Mindy and Thomas were attacked by a poorly driven Semi. Having no airbag available, said angel braced Mindy with an available rotisserie chicken from the Pig. If Mindy still appears chicken-slapped, please be understanding, the effect is by no means permanent. 

The more mundane part of Pete’s history includes a couple of years at The University of THE South, a stint as a cook and a bus mechanic in St. Pete, FL (before Mindy was even born, so, convergence, y’all), a BS Forestry from UTK, an MS Forest Econ from Auburn, several decades of Forestry work including a bunch of computer stuff that most Foresters hate doing, Law school on a rather oblique dare, creating off-the-grid dwelling, Juvenile Law practice and an English MFA from The University of THE South. This does not include periods of local politics, International Visitors, community leadership projects, church youth and Sunday School stuff because y’all prolly quit reading about two sentences ago.

Pete is one of 6 spoken word artists who will appear Saturday, July 9, along with singer/songwriter John Michael Hurt, and the Linda Heck Chamber Trio. Buy your ticket online or cash at the door.

Singer/Songwriter John Michael Hurt this Saturday July 9th

John Michael Hurt began playing music in the 60s at the age of twelve. From 1966 to 1976 he traveled all over the Eastern U.S. as a working musician, before frustration with the late seventies music scene drove him to destroy all his old material and go to work building recording studio equipment. Later he became a teacher. Hurt continued writing new works and performing, sometimes with friends. After 9/11 something made him want to write and perform more. Many friends urged him to do so. In 2006, he released an album called Borrowed Time, available on iTunes. He has another album on the way. 

On Saturday, July 9, John Michael will join 6 spoken word artists and the Linda Heck Chamber Trio for a very special and unprecedented performance at the historic Sewanee Union Theater. Don't miss this! You can buy tickets online now, or cash at the door.

Maggie Blake Bailey, Live at the Sewanee Union Theater

Maggie Blake Bailey - has poems published or forthcoming in The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume V: Georgia, Tar River, Tinderbox, and elsewhere. Her chapbook,Bury the Lede, is available now from Finishing Line Press. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and daughter, where she teaches high school English. During the summer, she pursues an MFA at the Sewanee School of Letters. For more work, please

Tickets available at the door (cash only) or online.

Miller Dew, live at the SUT on the Sewanee Radio Show!

Appearing July 9th Miller Dew - Ever since a middle school creative writing class where she learned what a pantoum is and how to properly pronounce "cacophony," Miller Dew has been scrawling poems on everything from bedroom walls to napkins at sub-par fast food joints. 

Exact influences are difficult to pinpoint, but she constantly stumbles upon inspiration
in downtown parking lots, John Darnielle's lyrics, and the color pink. 

She is currently a Sewanee (AKA The University of THE South) student and eagerly awaits the beginning of her sophomore year where she will be both an executive board member and resident of the Bairnwick Women's Center as well as a regular participant in Sewanee's own Poet Society.

Miller is one of 6 spoken word artists who will appear Saturday, July 9, along with singer/songwriter John Michael Hurt, and the Linda Heck Chamber Trio. Buy your ticket online or cash at the door.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sewanee Radio Show

Sewanee Radio Show Live Performance at the Sewanee Union Theater, July 9th at 7pm
Spoken word: Jeannie Babb, Leigh Anne Couch, Miller Dew, Thomas Macfie, Mindy Melton, & Peter Trenchi
Music: Linda Heck & John Michael Hurt
Sponsored by: Trenchi Law,
Produced by River City Sessions & Sewanee Eclectic
Recorded for broadcast on WUTC-88.1 FM