Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Peter Trenchi at the Sewanee Union Theater this Saturday

Pete Trenchi - lives off the grid where he houses the Roark’s Cove / Alto version of Sewanee angels in a monument of Fiats that predate the end of the Vietnam War.
One such angel intervened recently when Pete and fellow poets Mindy and Thomas were attacked by a poorly driven Semi. Having no airbag available, said angel braced Mindy with an available rotisserie chicken from the Pig. If Mindy still appears chicken-slapped, please be understanding, the effect is by no means permanent. 

The more mundane part of Pete’s history includes a couple of years at The University of THE South, a stint as a cook and a bus mechanic in St. Pete, FL (before Mindy was even born, so, convergence, y’all), a BS Forestry from UTK, an MS Forest Econ from Auburn, several decades of Forestry work including a bunch of computer stuff that most Foresters hate doing, Law school on a rather oblique dare, creating off-the-grid dwelling, Juvenile Law practice and an English MFA from The University of THE South. This does not include periods of local politics, International Visitors, community leadership projects, church youth and Sunday School stuff because y’all prolly quit reading about two sentences ago.

Pete is one of 6 spoken word artists who will appear Saturday, July 9, along with singer/songwriter John Michael Hurt, and the Linda Heck Chamber Trio. Buy your ticket online or cash at the door.

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