Saturday, July 9, 2016

Philip Luckey Technical Director for Sewanee Radio Show

Several years ago, Philip Luckey was asked by his employer at the time what they should put on his business card as an appropriate title. His first answer was “Story-teller and problem-solver.” His second answer was “Communication Generalist.” Though neither choice ended up on the small paper rectangle for that business, ultimately he still sees himself defined in both answers. He enjoys a good story — and living most of his life in Chattanooga, he's encountered so many interesting tales. 

Philip's professional life has been involved with creating videos on the local, regional, and national scene, whether for public television as a director and editor at WTCI or for clients while an editor at Atomic Films (as well as Creative Resources) — and much of video production is the art of solving problems. Earlier this year, Philip directed the video production of TEDxChattanooga.

Currently he's a professional freelance video editor, an adjunct instructor at Chattanooga State, a board member of OperaTennessee, a member of Sewanee Eclectic, and involved in his Community Communication Project (— still trying to communicate as much as possible. 

As the Technical Director for the Sewanee Radio Show, Philip directs lighting, video, and graphic design. The Sewanee Radio Show is a special on-the-road production of River City Sessions, a monthly radio show broadcast on WUTC 88.1 FM taking place at the Sewanee Union Theater on Saturday, July 9, 2016. The show features local Sewanee musicians, writers, and performers, as well as the host of River City Sessions, Michael Gray. You can buy tickets online now, or cash at the door.

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